Life Members

Thank you

High Wycombe Junior Football Club would not be what it is today without the contribution of our life members who have made significant contributions to the club over long periods of time.

Congratulations and thank you.

1976Aileen J. MooreDesmond S. Moore
1977Warrick Rankin
1980Judith A. King
1983Owen G. Moore d.
1985Albert R. McNamaraDouglas Parker
1987Ian FossAlan Raynor
1990Beverley Foss d.
1992Norm Kelly
1995Greg SmithDiane Smith
1997Dennis WaughMary Waugh
2002Sherryle ScroopDot Kelly
2005Kevin Hort
2006David Barnes
2007David Parker
2009Morag Race
2012Mark BrinkworthKim Wyatt
2014Keith Smith
2015Kevin McArthurJodie Bain
2016Chris BainJenny Kynaston
2020Dionne Osboine
2021Samantha CalderwoodFloyd Sullivan
2022Greg GeierSean Walsh